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Rudy Reimer/Yumks, Anthropology

Now a Professor at SFU, Rudy Reimer attributes attending Langara’s Archaeology Field School as the first step towards a career in archaeology. As a member of the Squamish Nation community, Rudy’s own background and experience prepared him for his work in the field of archaeology.

“I found out about Langara’s Archaeology Field School and signed up for the summer term. We learned hands-on excavation and interpersonal skills on-site in Fort Langley. It was then I realized that the archaeology bug had bit me! Langara instructor, Stan Copp was key to my archaeology education. I keep in contact with him and other instructors, as they have become both colleagues and friends."

Rudy uses techniques that minimize the impact on excavation sites to help protect and preserve heritage and the environment. He focuses on analyzing data gathered from these sites and strives to find possible explanations of phenomena found in rock art, First Nations beings, and landscape features that often can’t be understood through standard archaeological practice.

“I use oral history and traditions that link people to places, and through fieldwork and analysis gain a nuanced understanding of the modern and ancient worlds.”

As a professor of First Nations studies and Archaeology at SFU, Rudy became the host of a new documentary series, “Wild Archaeology,” which takes the audience through an educational and cultural exchange to active research projects, archaeological sites, and First Nations cultural heritage sites across the country.

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Posted on: August 13, 2013