Katie Inkster

Scoring goals on and off the field.

Katie Inkster, Registered Massage Therapy Student

Falcons’ soccer player Katie Inkster was walking down the hall at Langara one day when, after seeing an ad for the Registered Massage Therapy (RMT) program, she unexpectedly discovered her dream career.

Researching further into the program, Katie realized it was the perfect fit.She knew first-hand about the healing properties of massage therapy; she was always the ‘designated’ massage therapist on all her sports teams. But she ran into a problem – some of the evening classes conflicted with soccer practices, forcing her to pick which dream to follow. 

It wasn’t until she spoke with her coach about creating a balanced schedule that she was able to pursue both. This coupled with her support network, have helped her manage her busy life, and she remains thankful for her opportunity to work towards her career while playing the sport she loves.

“My classmates…are all especially supportive in helping me catch up and share any coursework I’ve missed. And my Falcons teammates push me to focus on studying, plus I get to practise my massage techniques on them. Soccer and RMT just go hand-in-hand.”

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Posted on: July 28, 2016