Majd Agha

Investigating trends.

Majd Agha, Bioinformatics Student

Majd Agha grew up in Damascus, Syria, where he studied Computer Science in high school. He wanted to pursue post-secondary education, but when civil war broke out in Syria, he came to BC on his own as part of Canada’s commitment to resettle Syrian refugees.

He was soon impressed by Canada’s educational system, and decided to look into his options here for studying computer science or chemistry. He discovered Langara’s Bioinformatics program, which combined Computer Science with Chemistry, Math, and Biology, and realized this was exactly the program for him.

“I was thrilled to know that Bioinformatics has a career path leading to medicine, and most importantly could lead to the field of research on curing cancers, a horrible disease I have had experience with personally. That made me so excited to pursue this field even more!

“I chose Langara because of the programs and services that it offers to its student and because Langara is an excellent and unique educational institution that is going to help me continue to pursue my educational path.”

After Majd earns his diploma he plans to transfer to UBC to earn a bachelor degree. Ultimately he plans to work in a lab investigating trends in disease, drug development, and discovery through DNA analysis.

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Posted on: August 13, 2013