Navdeep Hanspal

The Canadian experience.

Navdeep Hanspal, Business Administration (PDD) Alumnus

Navdeep came to Canada to build a new life for him and his family. Despite a tough beginning, feeling homesick, juggling a part-time job, full-time school, and caring for his family – Navdeep persevered. His goal was to complete his education as soon as possible and to find a good job. 

He took a co-op placement and used his previous work experience in creating a paperless work environment to implement a paperless environment at his new co-op company office.

“In India, I worked as an accountant for a couple of American companies. The PDD courses helped me build my résumé and cover letter that were tailored for Canadian employers. We practiced doing interviews. Co-op was really helpful. My boss, (from my co-op placement) … hired me full-time. Now, I take care of three different companies (Padtech Global Sourcing, Kiari Consulting, and Painted Picture) as bookkeeper and office administrator. My co-op job has become my permanent job.”

Navdeep’s co-op experience taught him the importance of communicating. As an international student, he was concerned about speaking up but he learned how to let his boss know he was managing in the role. He also learned to speak up about his own skills from previous work experience in India so he could apply them to his new position.

“Co-op taught me that in Canada, communication is really important. If you’re doing great or if you made a mistake, you need to let your boss know. During my interview with my current employer, I asked them how they were making payment to vendors and how customers were making payments (e.g. processing a cheque can take five to 10 business days). I let them know that I was used to working paperless, everything online, and that it was more efficient. They asked me to implement these changes needed to take the company paperless. I spoke with the staff and asked them to avoid printing and keep all the documents online as PDFs. We had our vendors do online transfers rather than sending a physical cheque. I told my instructor that I improved efficiency by 50 to 60 per cent. She told me to let my boss know. He was really pleased. Now I keep him updated on everything I’m doing. 

“My dream is to start on my CPA designation and eventually open a CPA firm with my friend. My friends and I (all PDD grads) are going to start it together soon.”

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Posted on: August 1, 2017