Alexandra Lainfiesta

A sense of community.

Alexandra Lainfiesta, Theatre Arts at Studio 58 Alumna

Alexandra began dancing in Guatemala at the age of 13. Her dream was to pursue the performing arts, and she came to this country on her own in pursuit of that dream, but found there were struggles to overcome when she first arrived. She found her home in the theatre community; they became her family and provided her with much needed support. After graduation, Alexandra started the Glorian MacDewellis Award to help support other international students in the theatre arts program.

“The courage and sacrifices one makes to leave your home country, language, and culture to pursue the ever-fluctuating career of theatre deserves a huge acknowledgement and accolade. I take my hat off to the two recipients of this award so far,” said Alexandra.

Alexandra Lainfiesta as

“I received from Studio 58 the most well-rounded training I could have asked for. I graduated having a diversified experience in what I could do as an artist which allowed me to be able to work in musical theatre, puppeteering, contemporary theatre, classical theatre, theatre for young audiences, as well as writing and creating my own work. Today I celebrate my first season at the Stratford Festival where I could not be without the excellent preparation for this industry I was given at Studio 58.”

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Posted on: August 1, 2018