Boris Martin

Rolling out a business.

Boris Martin, Alumnus

When he was a student in Langara’s Bachelor of Business Administration program, Boris Martin began drafting a business plan. An avid biker and bicycle mechanic, he realized that while innovation in technology had resulted in faster and lighter bikes, bicycle repair service has remained relatively unchanged. Martin envisioned a mobile bicycle-repair shop that would deliver all the services of a bike shop right to the customer’s door.

After leaving Langara in 2012, Martin put his plan into action, incorporating Velofix Holdings Ltd. Starting with a single truck, the world’s first fully integrated mobile bicycle-repair shop was born. Velofix grew 400% in its first year, and is now selling franchises nationwide and looking to expand into the United States. Martin was recently named one of BC’s “30 Under 30” by BC Business magazine.

“The BBA program was preparing us to be entrepreneurs. In hindsight, I don’t think I could have started this business without my education at Langara. The program helped me develop a well-rounded understanding of business and business practices. From accounting to human resources, to forecasting and stats, I am confident to say that without my education at Langara, I wouldn’t have had the skills and abilities to launch this business with the same success or speed.”

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Posted on: August 19, 2014