Banpreet Grewal

The right framework.

Banpreet Grewal, Applied Science for Engineering Student

Banpreet grew up in Ludhiana, Punjab, India, where he became interested in sciences. He always dreamt of studying abroad, and when he learned about the Applied Science for Engineering Program at Langara, he knew he had found the right place.

“The reputation and quality of education of Langara College compelled me to choose the program. It’s the only place that offers a program like this.”

The program worked for Banpreet because the courses were a natural extension of the math and sciences he learned in India. Designed for students who need time to transition into the heavy workload that the study of engineering requires, the program became a stepping stone for Banpreet to pursue his goal of becoming an engineer.

“My advice for students who are considering taking Applied Science for Engineering is to be prepared: it’s a challenging program! It is more practical than theoretical. You will have to study hard, but in the end, this program will offer you a better future, and give you good experience and knowledge.”

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Posted on: August 1, 2017