Marjorie Dornan

It’s all worth it.

Marjorie Dornan, Bachelor of Science in Nursing student

Marjorie came to the decision to become a nurse later in life. She wanted to help people in the health care field, but wasn’t sure of her direction.

“I spent quite some time in the hospital with my mother as a teenager, and when I was thinking about going back to school I remembered what a huge impact nurses had on me during that time. I knew then that nursing was what I wanted to do.”

“Post-secondary education has been stressful, but you push yourself as hard as you can to be successful. I lost both my parents at a young age and have been supporting myself financially since I was 18. I knew I would have to work extra hard, but when I get to the end of this degree, I know how proud of myself I will feel, and all the struggles I have faced will be worth it.

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Posted on: September 9, 2014