Randy Robinson

Advocating for community.

Randy Robinson, Aboriginal Studies Alumnus, Outstanding Alumni Rising Star Award Recipient

Randy has years of experience working for charity organizations, and recently passed the bar. He is making his dream of becoming an Aboriginal-rights lawyer a reality.

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Genevier Sullivan

Finding a home.

Genevier Sullivan, Arts and Science (General) student

Genevier is a recipient of the Langara Youth in Care bursary and wants to pay it forward by bringing knowledge on food security and nutrition to those who need it most.

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Catherine Kallin

A wonderful way to look at the world.

Catherine Kallin, Physics Alumna, Outstanding Alumni Award recipient

Catherine Kallin was awarded the prestigious honour of being named a Simons Fellow in Theoretical Physics.

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Navdeep Hanspal

The Canadian experience.

Navdeep Hanspal, Business Administration (PDD) Alumnus

Navdeep came to Canada to build a new life for him and his family. His goal was to complete his education as soon as possible and find a good job. 

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Arthur Tolhurst

From Langara to the NFL.

Arthur Tolhurst, Human Kinetics Alumnus

After spending a year at Langara, Arthur transferred to UBC, embarking on a journey that led him to become a Strength and Conditioning Assistant with the NFL.

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Laura Murray

Marrying her passions.

Laura Murray, Journalism Alumna

Murray was named one of Business in Vancouver’s top business leaders under age 40 in 2016.

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Emma Munro

Building campus culture.

Emma Munro, BBA Graduate and Design Formation Student

Between finishing one program and starting the next, Emma Munro managed to revitalize one of the largest student clubs on campus.

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Banpreet Grewal

The right framework.

Banpreet Grewal, Applied Science for Engineering Student

Banpreet is taking classes overseas at Langara to build the right foundation for his engineering degree.

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Christine Reimer

Online calling.

Christine Reimer, Publishing Alumna

Christine came to Langara wanting to work in book publishing, but online courses sparked a passion for web design that took her career in a new direction.

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Graeme Joseph

Connecting past with future.

Graeme Joseph, Arts & Science Alumnus

Graeme, a member of the Gitxan Nation, developed the UBC-Langara Aboriginal Transfer program.

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Katie Inkster

Scoring goals on and off the field.

Katie Inkster, Registered Massage Therapy Student

Falcons' soccer player Katie Inkster balances her love of sport with physical healing to create the perfect career.

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Rudy Reimer/Yumks

Wild about archaeology.

Rudy Reimer/Yumks, Anthropology

Langara’s Archaeology Field School was the first step towards a successful career in Archaeology for Rudy Reimer.

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Christian Westin

Leading by example.

Christian Westin, Alumnus

Christian Westin translated his passion for leadership into one of the Langara's largest and most successful student-led events: TEDxLangara.

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Robert Fougner

Developing global skills.

Robert Fougner, Arts and Science (Commerce) Alumnus

Robert Fougner landed a job at Hootsuite Media Inc, where he specializes in social relationship platforms for educational institutions.

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Rebecca Struivig De Groot

Giving back.

Rebecca Struivig De Groot, Nursing Alumna

Rebecca longed to see the world. She realized that a nursing career would allow her to travel while making a real difference in people’s lives.

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Olivia Rasulov

Enabling success.

Olivia Rasulov, Nursing Alumna

Olivia was attracted to Langara’s Nursing degree program because of it’s reputation, but once there discovered that the vast number of clinical placement hours and international opportunities provided unparalleled hands-on experience.

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Raymond Chow, Computer Technology Program Coordinator - Continuing Studies

Spirit through discipline.

Raymond Chow, Computer Technology Program Coordinator - Continuing Studies, Faculty

Raymond Chow founded the Langara Kendo Club to provide students an alternate way to socialize on campus while training their minds and bodies.

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Carling Muir

An incredible comeback.

Carling Muir, Alumna

During her time at Langara, Carling Muir defeated a host of opponents as a leader of the Falcons women’s basketball team. But her biggest win was beating cancer. Twice.

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Catherine Glass and Kasey Moran

Goat Money.

Catherine Glass and Kasey Moran, Faculty, Alumna

Catherine Glass and the Moran sisters have founded an initiative called “Goat Money” to help empower Olkoroi women in Kenya.

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Majd Agha

Investigating trends.

Majd Agha, Bioinformatics Student

Majd grew up in Damascus, Syria. After resettling in BC as a refugee, he discovered Langara's Bioinformatics program.

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Jeff Burgess

Drawing some attention.

Jeff Burgess, Continuing Studies Program Coordinator

Jeff Burgess, one of Vancouver's leading commercial illustrators, brings a passion for his craft to Langara's growing Commercial Illustration Program.

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Richard Olak

An epic journey.

Richard Olak, Alumnus

Richard Olak started with a loose story idea in the Digital Film Production program, and turned it into an epic feature film.

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Dustin Paul

A second chance.

Dustin Paul, Alumnus

After a motorcycle accident left Dustin Paul a quadriplegic, he found a new life at Langara's Criminal Justice Program.

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Kathryn Shaw

Setting the stage.

Kathryn Shaw, Artistic Director, Studio 58

Over the past four decades, artistic director Kathryn Shaw has established Studio 58 as one of finest acting and production-training programs in North America.

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Pat Woods

Nursing on the world stage.

Pat Woods, Assistant Chair - International, Langara School of Nursing

Pat Woods is a nurse, a teacher, and an advocate for global citizenship, creating opportunities for nursing students to gain international experience and perspective.

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Carly Wignes

Exploring First Nations.

Carly Wignes, Alumna

Carly Wignes, awarded the first Read-Mercer fellowship, followed her passion for exploring First Nations issues and published the Tyee series, “Treaty Troubles.”

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Boris Martin

Rolling out a business.

Boris Martin, Alumnus

Soon after leaving Langara’s Bachelor of Business Administration program, Boris Martin launched the world's first fully integrated mobile bicycle-repair shop.

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Samantha Watson

A helping hand.

Samantha Watson, Alumna

Samantha Watson has dedicated her life to helping special-needs students transition from high school into a training program or into the workplace.

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Riz Rafiq

Projecting success.

Riz Rafiq, Alumnus

Enrolment in the Advanced Project Management program and networking with his cohort led Riz Rafiq to an unexpected career move.

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Rod Bland

A photo opportunity.

Rod Bland, Continuing Studies Student

Rod Bland used the Continuing Studies Photography Program to turn his passion into a profession.

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Lynn Kitchen

Getting down to business.

Lynn Kitchen, Manager of Custom Training

Lynn's dedication to volunteerism has her carrying the Langara community to all corners of the city.

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Ryan Cawsey, Kinesiology Instructor

Balancing research.

Ryan Cawsey, Kinesiology Instructor, Faculty

Ryan Cawsey uses visual feedback to help improve postural control for people susceptible to falls, and is testing new technologies in lower-limb prostheses to help improve the quality of life of amputees.

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Paul Colangelo

Wildlife photographer.

Paul Colangelo, Photography Alumnus

Paul's obsession with photography led him to Langara's renowned Photography program, where he could get the best start in his career.

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Kelly Sveinson

Education heats up.

Kelly Sveinson, Chemistry Instructor

Kelly Sveinson gets students involved with his biochar project on campus.

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Brittany Whitmore

Making an impact.

Brittany Whitmore, Business Administration Alumna

Driven by enthusiasm and diligence, Brittany wanted to make an impact in her community.

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Alexandra Lainfiesta

A sense of community.

Alexandra Lainfiesta, Theatre Arts at Studio 58 Alumna

Alexandra's dream was to pursue the performing arts - today she celebrates her first season at the Stratford Festival.

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Marjorie Dornan

It’s all worth it.

Marjorie Dornan, Bachelor of Science in Nursing student

Marjorie came to the decision to become a nurse later in life. She knew she wanted to help people in the health care field.

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